Luisa Annibali Band

Luisa Annibali Band

We are happy to introduce the Italian and Brazilian Jazz part of our lineup. This year the Italian Fusion Festival presents Luisa Annibali Band.

Led by the talented Italian singer and composer, Luisa Annibali Band is a Dublin-based ensemble with an international lineup. They naturally compound different styles of music, exploring Jazz, Neo Soul, Funky, Brazilian music, and Free Jazz.

Indeed, it is the encounter between people from different cultures that makes this band so unique. The warm and soulful voice of the leader combined with her experience as a jazz singer and performer make her shows interesting and enjoyable every time.

All the compositions are written by the leader, who is the curator of the entire project, and many
arrangements are written with and by the guitarist of the band Johnathan Santos. Luisa Annibali Band is certainly a collaborative team. They are currently working on their first EP, which will be released in July 2022.

At The Italian Fusion Festival Luisa Annibali Band will present a mixed repertoire of original
compositions and some of their favourite Jazz, Brazilian and Italian songs.

  • Luisa Annibali – Voice
  • Johnathan Santos – Guitar
  • Marco Francescangeli – Alto Sax / Clarinet
  • Aidan Gray – Bass
  • Michael Mc Charty – Drums


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