Grazie and Arrivederci

I wish to thank the audience for coming to the fifth edition of the Italian Fusion Festival!

This edition was very successful and we are happy about our decision to back live after the live streaming edition in 2020 and the cancellation in 2021 due to the pandemic. We restart in the venue of the last edition in an intimate space with jazz music, short videos… and of course Pizza!  This year we associate the festival also with an art exhibition. Those who participated and would like to send their feedback can also do so by e-mailing info@italianfusionfestival.com

If you are a musician/filmmaker/artist/ poet based in Ireland and you would like to participate in the next edition of the Italian fusion festival please contact us.

If you are a business and are you interested in one of our sponsorship packages get in touch and we will be happy to assist you. Contact us also to become an Italian Fusion Festival volunteer next year.

This edition was sold out very early ad more than 100 people on our waiting list were not able to attend the event. If you wish to stay in touch and know when the early bird tickets are available and buy the ticket in advance, you can subscribe to the Radio Dublino newsletter where we’ll announce the next year’s festival edition or follow our Facebook page and our other social media channels.

We also wish to thank everyone who collaborated with us:

  • The event partner Italian Institute of Culture – Dublin.
  • The music bands Almonte & Molina – A Guitar Duologue, Luisa Annibali Band,  Maja Elliott Ensemble, Antoni O’Breskey – Nomadic Piano Project and all musicians of te Jam Session
  • The filmmakers Chiara Viale, MChiara Provenzano, Giuseppe Mirabella, Cathal Feeney, Alois J.L. Steinmacherwho participate in the short-video competition.
  • Comites Irlanda for the support with the volunteers.
  • Journalists and websites that promoted our initiative.
  • The BelloBar staff and sound engineer.

Last but not least, I huge thank you to the volunteers for making this edition possible. This event was entirely organised with the efforts of committed volunteers who regularly volunteer for the Radio Dublino community project. Thanks to Cristina, Giuseppe, Lorena, Valentina, Luca, Shauna, Daniel amd Luigi!

Stay in touch with us (WebsiteRadio DublinoFacebookTwitterYouTube), soon we will announce our 6th edition of the festival.

We look forward to seeing you next year.

Maurizio Pittau
Festival Director

Maurizio Pittau firma

Maurizio Pittau

TV programmes at the festival

The Italian Fusion Festival will host a TV crew of the Italian TV program “Little Big Italy” this evening. The TV crew interviewed the festival coordinators at the Italian Institute of Culture this morning. The scenes recorded at the festival and the interviews will be part of the TV show and more precisely of the section of the TV show “Italians in the city”, where events and activities of Italians abroad are shown. Little Big Italy is an Italian television program produced by Magnolia and broadcast by Nove (part of Warner Bros. / Discovery). The TV program is led by restaurateur Francesco Panella, who visits a different city for each episode in search of the best Italian restaurant.

At the festival, we will host also Declan Cassidy and his crew. Cassidy is making a television documentary about the Italian community in Ireland. The director of the festival Maurizio Pittau was interviewed by Declan as well at the Near FM radio studios.Declan Cassidy is a director and producer in Irish film and television. A founding member of the Irish Film and Television Academy (IFTA Awards), Declan Cassidy began his film career in the documentary genre and in 2021 Cassidy founded EurAV European Audio Visual CLG, a not-for-profit company that works to promote media literacy, climate action and social inclusion through community media provision and training.



Festival Header

Italian Fusion Festival 2022 Flyer

Italian Fusion Festival 2022

Festival Cancelled

Italian Fusion Festival 2021 edition is cancelled

We are sorry to announce that due to the measures to control the spread of COVID-19 and the lack of public contributions this year the Italian Fusion Festival will not go ahead.

Here you can find last year virtual edition if you missed it.

We are looking forward to the next year’s live edition.


Maurizio & the Festival Team

Italian Fusion Festival 2020 Flyer

The final version of our 2020 flyer is finally ready.

Covid-19 Grant going to one artist based in Dublin

Please support us by donating to the grant fund!

To acknowledge the challenges that artists are now experiencing, Radio Dublino is organising a fundraising campaign to sponsor a Covid19 Grant going to one artist based in Ireland. The GoFundMe campaign will raise funds to sponsor an artist whose work best represents the integration of Italian culture in the Irish setting.

Please support our efforts in helping artists to go through these challenging times and donate what you can here.

Are you an artist?

If your talent is in music, performing arts, video making or any other artistic area, don’t miss this chance! All applications will be considered by the Radio Dublino Committee whose decision is final. To enter this competition, contact us at info@italianfusionfestival.com explaining in no more than 100 words why your work should be awarded the Grant.

Deadline:  Wednesday 22th of July 2020 at 18 PM.

Italian Fusion Festival 2020

Italian Fusion Festival is back! 2020 Livestream edition

The Italian Fusion Festival, the biggest Italian Festival in Europe, will continue this year despite the challenges posed by the health crisis which struck 2020. The fourth edition will go online on 25th July 2020 at 7 pm on YouTube and Facebook.

The Italian Fusion Festival, after three highly successful editions at the Grand Social and the Bello Bar in Dublin, will be taking place for the first time this year as an online streaming event and is free!

The multicultural and multidisciplinary arts festival is organised by Radio Dublino, the only Italian language Radio programme in Ireland which started in  2013. The event is sponsored by the Italian Institute of Culture.

The impact of Covid-19 has profoundly changed the current artistic landscape and has led artists to seek new ways of expressing themselves. We are proud to continue supporting artists in this unprecedented situation and we are presenting a number of acts which include live music, short videos and interviews.

The festival is proud to present you music by Susanne Savage, Maja Elliott, Julyo,  Dario Rodighiero and Frank Francone.

In addition to music, we also present the short film competition which has been an integral part of the Italian Fusion Festival since its start and continues in this live stream edition. The aim of the competition is to offer a spotlight on international filmmakers in Ireland wishing to showcase their works on our platforms.

Radio Dublino, whose goal is to promote Italy in all its aspects and the local integration of the Italian community residing in Ireland, wishes to continue to support the local artistic community and offer its listeners an overview of the latest trends of the cultural scene in Dublin.

To acknowledge the challenges that artists are now experiencing, Radio Dublino is organising a fundraising campaign to sponsor a Covid19 Grant going to one artist based in Ireland. The GoFundMe campaign will raise funds to sponsor an artist whose work best represents the integration of Italian culture in the Irish setting.

Italian Fusion Festival 2019 | Jazz & Prosecco Edition

Italian Fusion Festival 2019 | Jazz & Prosecco Edition

In occasion of the International Jazz day Radio Dublino is happy to announce the third edition of the Italian Fusion Festival.

This edition of the festival is dedicated to Jazz, the most fusion music of all genres in which Italians are excelling!

The music will be accompanied by videos, poetry reading and a glass of prosecco included in the ticket.

Full programme is now online. Early bird ticket will be available from Friday 3rd May.


Radio Dublino and ENIT Joined Forces

ENIT Radio DublinoRadio Dublino and ENIT (Ente Nazionale Turismo Italiano – Italian State Tourist Board) joined forces for the 2nd edition of the Italian Fusion Festival.

Flavio Zappacosta, Head of ENIT London, commented on this partnership: “For ENIT, the Italian State Tourist Board, it is an honour and a duty to support the Italian Fusion Festival. The Italian folklore continuously merges with the Irish one and together with the organizers we want to become spokespersons of a vibrant, young Italy, a rich land that has given birth to artists appreciated all over the world. ”

Maurizio Pittau, founder of Radio Dublino and Director of the Italian Fusion Festival, added: “Radio Dublin is thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with ENIT. Our organisations have more than one point in common since both are committed to making the Irish public aware of the complexity and diversity of Italian culture and to ensure that it is merged with the Irish one to create new and unexpected results.”

ENIT is the National Tourism Agency responsible for the overseas promotion of tourism in Italy and the name sponsor of Italian Fusion Festival 2018.

The Italian Fusion Festival is back! Launch of the Italian Fusion Festival 2018 next week.

The Italian Fusion  Festival is back! Full programme is now online.

Radio Dublino is celebrating its 200th episode with the launch of the next Italian Fusion Festival!

Radio Dublino 200th Episode Celebration | Italian Fusion Festival Launch

Sunday 15 April 2018 | 6PM | r.i.o.t,  Aston Quay, Dublin

A limited number of early bird tickets (5 euro with no fees) for our Italian Fusion Festival in July will also be available on the night.

During the evening Andrea Facco and Eliana Valentini will entertain us with their fantastic music.

Andrea Facco is singer-songwriter from Genoa, Italy. At the age of nine, he began to cultivate his passion for music by taking the first guitar lessons with Giorgio Falco. Search artistically grows with the teachings of Katzumi Nagaoka, Armando Corsi and Gianni Martini. Thanks to which thirteen years he began to compose his own songs (music and lyrics). Parallel to the guitar he engages in the self-taught study of ethnic and ancient instruments. Among them: the Oud, the Lute and the Bouzouki, which became his favorite instrument.

Eliana has been experiencing italian traditional dances and music since 15 years. Several journeys to the South of Italy reawakened a particular interest about the musical rhythm connected to the ritual of Tarantism. She has learned “Pizzica Pizzica”, Tammurriata and other Tarantellas dancing with some of the most representative musicians and dancers of this sector. Eliana plays two traditional Italian tambourines (tamburello salentino and tammorra napoletana).

Doors open at 6 p.m. and music starts at 7 p.m.

The Radio Dublino 200 episode fest and the launch of the Festival event is free but the space is limited and you need to book your tickets.

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/161501441162724/

Eventbrite Ticket: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/radio-dublino-200th-episode-celebration-italian-fusion-festival-launch-tickets-44592205487