Become a Volunteer

Become an Italian Fusion Festival volunteer!

An unmissable opportunity to be part of the vibrant creativity that makes the Italian Fusion Festival the biggest Italian festival in Europe!

The Italian Fusion Festival is an event that takes place in Dublin since 2017. The festival is organised by Radio Dublino, the Italian-language Irish Radio programme, running since 2013.

The festival holistic lineup spans from jazz, folk, trad, latin, blues to rock music and will also showcase art performances, videos, dance workshop, and Italian food and drinks will be available.


Volunteers Roles

The Italian Fusion Festival is run by a small team of staff; we couldn’t do it without the help of amazing volunteers who assist us with many different aspects of running the festival. Volunteers work in pairs or small groups with the support of IFF staff. Shifts usually last 1-2 hours, and volunteers can work as many or little shifts as they like. Here are some of the ways volunteers help make the festival a success.

Check out the roles below to see how you can get involved.

Pre-Festival Team (September/October): In the run-up to the festival, volunteers focus on Distribution and marketing; we pair volunteers into groups of two or three, with the teams of volunteers distributing programs, promoting events, and putting up Festival and Artist posters.

Festival Team (22nd October):

  • Customer Service: Volunteers are the face of the festival, they REPRESENT! Volunteers are a go-to point for people looking for information about shows, venue, places to eat, you name it! It is important to have a very sound understanding of the festival program and to be friendly, enthusiastic, and patient.
  • Ticketing: It is extremely important that we have accurate information about how many tickets we have sold and what our audience numbers are. During the festival, Volunteers will be taking ticket stubs on the doors and using a clicker to count audiences as they enter. Attention to detail, concentration, and calm is key; it sounds like an easy task, but things can get pretty hectic when there’s a throng of people waiting in a foyer and someone announces that the doors are open!
  • Stewarding: Stewarding volunteers are onsite at IFF shows, looking out for the public and the performers, making sure they’re safe, and alerting the supervisor if there is a problem.
  • Roadie on Stage: Volunteers support musicians and Stage Manager and Sound Engineers. Rock it!
  • Promotion: Handing out flyers/programs and helping put up posters for our different events. Promotional volunteers also gather media – audience quotes, testimonials, and photographs and pass these on to the Social Media team.
  • Photos and Videos. Express your creativity with short videos and photos.
  • Surveying: Volunteers carry out surveys to gather information about how people have heard about the festival. Volunteers ask audience members if they would like to take a survey, gather answered surveys, and make sure they get to the right person. Being friendly, confident, and comfortable with approaching people are all very important.

Please note: Volunteers must be over 18 years of age.

How to get involved

Fill out the online volunteer application form here: Please note that there are a limited number of volunteer posts available. Applications to volunteer at IFF 2023 are on a first-come, first-served basis. So submit your application for consideration without delay!

Volunteers Rewards!

  • Learn new skills
  • Improve your local knowledge
  • Enhance language skills
  • Boost your CV
  • Enjoy great shows
  • Free Entry to the Festival
  • Meet great people
  • You’ll get to know local arts venues and staff
  • Enjoy the free pizza & prosecco!
  • Volunteers will receive the famous Radio Dublino T-shirt.