TRUMA Riccardo Vianello

Festival Lineup 2023 in 11 Videos

6PM BalFolk Ensemble

7Pm Julyo

8PM Barrio Cubano

9PM Lulu’s World Band

10PM TRUMA with Mark Geary

Mark Geary

Mark Geary

We are happy to introduce the special guest of the Italian band Truma for a great fusion of italian and Irish music. This year, the Italian Fusion Festival presents the Irish singer-songwriter born in Dublin Mark Geary.

Mark Geary with Truma

Mark Geary with Truma

Dublin native and Celbridge resident Mark Geary has been writing, singing and playing music for the last 30 years; he has 5 studio albums and has toured across the world. In 1992, Mark bought a one-way ticket to New York City and spent several years honing his craft playing the local circuit in the East Village, including numerous appearances at the renowned Sin-é cafe with other upcoming artists, including friend Jeff Buckley.

During that time, Mark’s songwriting skills and engaging live performances garnered him a dedicated audience, the respect and esteem of his peers, and a reputation as one of the finest song-smiths of his generation. Mark is described as a “quintessential singer-songwriter,” and his records of finely crafted songs have been hailed as encapsulating both boisterous joy and gentle, delicate moments that endear themselves to the listener and evoke comparisons to artists such as Van Morrison, John Lennon, Elliot Smith, and Richard Thompson.

His body of work includes 5 studio albums, 2 live recordings, and collaborations with a number of artists, including the release in 2013 of a charity version of his song ‘Christmas Biscuits’ with friend Glen Hansard in aid of St Vincent De Paul. Mark has also lent his talents to the visual arts, scoring several films, including Loggerheads (2005), Steel City (2006), and TriBeCa Film Festival favourite Sons of Perdition (2010).

Over the last 20 years, Mark has toured all over Europe, the US, and Australia and has shared the stage with performers such as The Swell Season, Glen Hansard, The Frames, Josh Ritter, Bell X1, Coldplay, Elvis Costello, The Pretenders, and Joe Strummer. In recent years, he has played shows and festivals in the US and Europe, notably in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.

The new album In the Time of Locust is coming soon.

BalFolk Ensemble

BalFolk Ensemble

We are happy to introduce the bal folk part of our lineup. This year, the Italian Fusion Festival presents BalFolk Ensemble.

The Balfolk Ensemble was born from the BalFolk dance group to add live music to their events. The Ensemble meets regularly at The Hut pub in Phibsboro for an intercultural musical exchange (and to socialize). BalFolk music broadly inspires dances from around the world (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Israel etc.): Chapelloise, Mazurka, Circassian Circle, Waltz, Hassapiko, Sbrando, Repasseado, Schottische.

If you wish to join us in the dances, please come to the workshop from 5 pm to 6 pm, and please buy the limited combo ticket, including this session, where they will teach you the steps. Those who know the dances are welcome to join them on the dancefloor following the class; otherwise, you are welcome to enjoy the live performance and watch the dances they have taught.


  • Agnese D’Anna, fiddle
  • Els Lemahieu, fiddle
  • Steve Mc Cann, bodhran
  • Laurence Gill, flutes and pipe
  • Nico, flute and clarinet
  • David Delph, bouzouki
  • Rita Garland, guitar


We are happy to introduce the folk part of our lineup. This year, the Italian Fusion Festival presents, from Italy, Truma.

The Truma project was born in Chioggia, Italy, in 2010, with the aim of publishing authored folk songs in the dialect that describe the life, culture, and professions of the people of the Venetian lagoon and in particular, of the city of Chioggia. The lyrics and music are written by Riccardo Vianello. On May 5, 2016, the CD of the same name was presented in the auditorium of the lagoon city.

Followed by participation in the national competition Musica nelle Aie for folk music in Faenza with the achievement of 2nd place in the exhibition, then another appointment in Chioggia, Padua, and Treviso. Their performance in Faenza and the content of the album aroused the interest of Rockit and Blogfoolk (the most important music magazines) who review the band and consider it as one of the best new releases of the year. The disco was chosen as a finalist in the dialect disks category for the TENCO AWARD the same year.

In 2017, the second album, “Per Grazia Ricevuta”, was recorded, with another dozen unreleased songs, which will see the light in the spring of the following year. In 2018, Truma participated as guest of honor at Musica nelle Aie (one of the most important folk festivals in Italy), and they have behind him numerous concerts throughout Italy. They collaborated in concert with Mark Geary well-known Irish singer-songwriter, with Vini Lopez (formerly Bruce Spreengsteen’s drummer), and in 2022 Vianello Riccardo played with Scarlet Rivera (Bob Dylan’s violinist). They produced the music for the theatrical works “Rosso Fuoco Truma” and “Legni Spiaggiati”.

In November 2022 they made their first mini tour to Ireland and played at Wheelan’s in Dublin with Mark Geary and Glen Hansard. In May 2023 their single and video for ORO was released, a version of the song GOLD by Fergus o’ Farrel. Their third album is expected to be released in December 2023.

The Truma is the land on which the foundations of the cities are laid of the Venetian lagoon. There Truma keeps us suspended between earth and sky. Truma plays folk music in the Chioggia dialect. The background against which their songs move is the city of Chioggia, its people, its crafts, and its legends. What better language than its dialect can be used to describe this land and its sea? The result is an operation of pride for one’s origins and dignity for dialects and traditions which in this era of globalization tends to be hidden.

At the Italian Fusion Festival, guest of the band will be the  Irish singer-songwriter born in Dublin Mark Geary.


  • Riccardo Vianello: vocals, guitars, ukulele, marranzano. (author of the lyrics)
  • Michele Tiengo: accordions, theremin, music boxes, choirs
  • Giuseppe Fedrigo: guitars, mandolins, ukulele, backing vocals
  • Francesco Ferrarese: violin
  • Renato Naccari: electric bass, double bass
  • Marco Chiereghin: drums, percussion, keyboards

Lulu's World Band

Lulu’s World Band

We are happy to introduce the soul/funk part of our lineup. This year, the Italian Fusion Festival presents Lulu’s World Band.

Lulù is the nickname of Luisa Annibali, an Italian-born singer and songwriter living in Dublin and performing both in Ireland and Italy.  She started playing piano at the age of 7, but it took time to understand that music wasn’t just her hobby fully. As a matter of fact, after high school, she studied Law.

During her legal studies, she kept taking vocal classes and attending different Jazz, Blues, and Musical Theatre Workshops in Rome and worked part-time as a singer in bars and clubs, and at private events.

As soon as she graduated in Law, she worked in a law firm. Once she moved to Dublin, she started playing guitar and composing her own original music to realize that her career needed to change definitely.

In 2017 she made an application and successfully entered Newpark College (now in DCU) to study “Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance”.

Perfecting her technical abilities and unique sound over the years, Luisa Annibali is constantly working on live shows and studio recordings.

Her music naturally compounds different styles of music, exploring Jazz, Neo Soul, Funky, Brazilian music, and Free Jazz.

Indeed, the encounter between people from different cultures and musical influences makes her music and her performances so unique.

Very active in the jazz community, she recently got her BA in ‘Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance’ from Dublin City University. She is also an experienced vocal coach and music teacher. She worked as a singing teacher, music tutor, and vocal coach at the Sound Training College, the Sound Training Music Academy, and Music Generation Dublin City.

At the Italian Fusion Festival, on Sunday 22nd of October, she will present with Lulu’s World Band an exclusive repertoire of world music, exploring Italian, Brazilian, and Spanish music never really giving up her soul and R&B influences.

  • Luisa Annibali – Voice
  • Johnny Taylor – Piano
  • Johnny Batista – Guitar
  • Cormac O’Brien  – Bass
  • Dominic Mullan– Drums

Official Website:

Facebook and Instagram Page:

Barrio Cubano

Barrio Cubano

We are happy to introduce the Latin part of our lineup. This year, the Italian Fusion Festival presents Barrio Cubano.

Barrio Cubano is an acoustic trio that embarks on a journey through the timeless classics of Cuban son from legends like Buena Vista Social Club, Compay Segundo, Arsenio Rodriguez,  Faustino Oramas.

Led by Fabio Pitino on the Cuban trés guitar and vocals, the trio includes Claudio Mercante on the classical guitar and backing vocals and Nicolas Severin on the percussion and backing vocals—all the founders of Havana Roots band. Barrio Cubano’s performances will make you travel through Havana’s quarters and the streets of Santiago de Cuba.

  • Fabio Pitino – Trés guitar and vocals
  • Claudio Mercante – Classical guitar and backing vocal
  • Nicolas Severin – Percussionist, backing vocals

ulyo featuring Dario Rodighiero and Jason McNamara


We are happy to introduce the Jazz / Funk part of our lineup. This year, the Italian Fusion Festival presents Julyo featuring Dario Rodighiero and Conor Ray.

Julyo is a Recording Academy voting member, Award-winner, multi-platinum producer, guitar and bass player. He has previously toured and performed with Kino, Michael Brecker, Paulo Bragança, B.B. King, Cindy Blackman, Take That, Photosonic Orchestra, Kino and Dumb Type Collective. Julyo will perform at the Italian Fusion Festival 2023 with film scoring composer and Recording Academy voting member Dario Rodighiero and Irish drummer/percussionist Jason McNamara.

Dario Rodighiero, a multifaceted artist renowned as a pianist, keyboardist, and film composer, is a figure whose musical journey is as diverse as it is captivating. Resident in Dublin for the past 9 years, he has an innate creative spirit, having masterfully woven classical and contemporary elements into his compositions, earning acclaim and admiration in the process. He recently became a member of the Recording Academy, for the Grammy Awards®.

  • Julyo – Guitar
  • Dario Rodighiero – Keyboards
  • Conor Ray – Drum

More info:

Open Call IFF 2023

Open Call: Be Part of the Italian Fusion Festival 2023!

Calling all talented bands in Ireland! Are you ready to showcase your unique musical style to a diverse and enthusiastic audience? The Italian Fusion Festival is back with its next edition, and we are on the lookout for an extraordinary band with at least one element is Italian to join our vibrant lineup. This is an incredible opportunity to perform at one of the most anticipated cultural events of the year. So, dust off your instruments, bring your passion, and get ready to make your mark!

The Italian Fusion Festival celebrates the vibrant and diverse fusion of Italian and Irish cultures annually. It serves as a platform to showcase the extraordinary talent and creativity that arises from blending these two rich musical heritages. This unique festival brings together music, dance, art, and gastronomy, creating a truly immersive and memorable experience for attendees.

We are thrilled to invite bands based in Ireland to participate in our open call for the upcoming edition of the Italian Fusion Festival. The call is open to bands incorporating at least one Italian singer and /or musician. Whether you’re inspired by the rhythms of Tarantella, the emotive melodies of Irish ballads, or the infectious energy of British pop, we want to hear what you’ve got!

The open call is aimed at bands we have not yet had the pleasure of hosting in previous festival editions or live sessions in our radio studios.

To apply, send an email to with the following:

  1. Bio: Introduce your band and provide some background information. Tell us about your musical journey, influences, and any notable achievements or performances.
  2. Live Performance Videos: Share the links of two videos hosted on YouTube showcasing your band’s live performances. This is your chance to demonstrate your stage presence, musical skills, and the unique fusion of Italian and Irish elements in your music. Show us what makes your band stand out!

Deadline: The deadline for submissions is 1 July 2023. Make sure to send in your email well in advance to allow ample time for consideration.

What to Expect: After the submission deadline, our panel of judges will carefully review each entry to select the band that best embodies the spirit of the Italian Fusion Festival. If you are chosen, you will have the incredible opportunity to perform alongside other talented musicians, entertain a diverse audience, and be a part of an unforgettable cultural event.

If you’re an Irish band with a passion for music and a touch of Italian influence, this open call for the Italian Fusion Festival is your chance to shine! Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to showcase your talent, connect with fellow musicians, and be a part of a celebration that bridges the gap between Irish and Italian cultures.

Prepare your bio and live performance videos, and send them to before the deadline on 1 July 2023. We can’t wait to discover the hidden gems within Ireland’s vibrant music scene and welcome you to the Italian Fusion Festival family!


The Jazz & Pizza edition Lineup 2022 in 12 Videos

7PM – Almonte & Molina – A Guitar Duologue

8PM – Luisa Annibali Band

9PM – Maja Elliott Ensemble

10PM Antoni O’Breskey – Nomadic Piano Project

11:30PM – Jam Session

Jam Session

Jam Session

We are happy to introduce the last part of our programme. This year the Italian Fusion Festival hosts, for the first time, a Jam Session.

A jam session is an informal musical event, process, or activity where musicians, typically instrumentalists, play improvised solos and vamp over tunes, drones, songs, and chord progressions. To “jam” is to improvise music without extensive preparation or predefined arrangements, except for when the group is playing well-known jazz standards or covers of existing popular songs.

One source for the phrase “jam session” came about in the 1920s when white and black musicians would congregate after their regular paying gigs to play the jazz they could not play in the “Paul Whiteman” style bands they played in. When Bing Crosby attended these sessions, the musicians would say he was “jammin’ the beat,” since he would clap on the one and the three. Thus these sessions became known as “jam sessions.”

The jam sessions in Dublin started about 9 years ago, organised weekly, to play jazz standards in a relaxed atmosphere and to create a community of musicians in Dublin. The person who came up with the idea is an Italian, Marco Santaroni, who from the beginning involved some musicians in the organization (including Marco Francescangeli who is looking after the session at the festival). It was initially at the Grand Social, later moved to various other places (International Bar, Music café, Bohemian bar in Phibsboro, Hot Spot in Greystones). The jams are free, and very inclusive and accessible. Find musicians of all levels: professionals, hobbyists, and students. There is a Facebook page and a Meetup group to promote/organise the jams.

Here are the musicians who take part in the jam session at the Italian Fusion Festiva: Marco Francescangeli, Luisa Annibali, Riccardo Marenghi, Dario Rodighiero, Graham Wood, Maciej Blizinski, Johannes Aspman, Ken Hall, Andy Smith, Marion Smith, Mary Murphy, Enid Conaghan.