Corto: Italy and Ireland in a snapshot 2022

A selection of short videos in English, presented at the last edition of the Italian Fusion Festival, combines elements of both Italian and Irish cultures.

Since its start, the short video competition has been an important part of the Italian Fusion Festival, and also an instrument to give visibility to local filmmakers. The participating directors, mainly Italian or Irish, express a real artistic fusion of elements from the two cultures.

The following short videos will be screened:

  • The plait by Chiara Viale
  • Shame by Chiara Provenzano
  • Uberman by Alois J.L. Steinmacher
  • A decent proposal by Cathal Feeney
  • Stage fright by Giuseppe Mirabella

A Q&A session coordinated by Valentina Settominiwill follow at the end of the screenings.


  • Date: Monday, October 24, 2022
  • Address:  11 Fitzwilliam Square E, Dublin, D02 KN81
  • Time: At 6:30 pm
  • In collaboration with : IIC Dublino
  • Admission : Free

IIF 2019 Video Finalists

Short Video Competition 2022 Finalists

We are happy to present the finalists of the Short Video Competition 2022. All videos will be projected on the 2nd of July during the Italian Fusion Festival. The winner will be announced during the event and will be awarded with a plaque and a small cash price.

The Plait by Chiara Viale

Chiara Viale is an Italian born writer, director and producer based in Ireland. After obtaining a degree in English as a Foreign Language and Literature in Milan, she went on studying screenwriting in Dublin and began making independent films. Since then she has written, directed and taken part numerous short films. In 2017 she started her first Independent Feature Film ‘The New Music’, which has reached completion in 2019. She is also co-founder of the Dublin based independent production company Built To Fail Productions.

Shame by Chiara Provenzano

Born and bred in Italy, Chiara has cultivated a love for cinema since the age of 11, when she first saw The Lord of the Rings, and she was left in awe. After moving to Dublin 5 years ago, she hasn’t stopped editing: from short films to documentaries to weddings, she loves all art forms. Editing is her true passion!

Stage Fright by Giuseppe Mirabella

Giuseppe Mirabella was born in Naples in 1985. He currently lives in Dublin where he plays in two bands Skakki Blues and Locanda a jazz manouche project. He shot ‘Stage fright’ during the KinoD: an event in Dublin during which filmmakers are asked to create a short movie in 48 hours.

A Decent Proposal by Cathal Feeney

Cathal started film making when he joined the Dublin Filmmakers film club in Dublin in 2011. In the intervening period he has worked on numerous short films in various roles, although mainly as a writer and director. The Interview was his first film followed by Oh. Oh was made as part of a 72 hour challenge at the Offline film festival in Offaly where it took first place. His film making style would lean towards comedy.

Uberman by Alois J.L. Steinmacher

Alois J.L. Steinmacher is 37 and grew up in Kaiserslautern. Being a true faustian spirit he set off to study Philosophy and Law but he eventually graduated from acting school and also medical school after living a while in a French monastery. He started writing and directing mostly comedy shorts and won his first award for his slapstick spy shorts “Styler und Gyler”. “Uberman” is his first Drama on screen and was written during a creative break in Cinque Terre, Italy – a pilot version was shot 2021 with an Italian cast in Dublin. The background idea was to artistically explore the growing pressure of capitalism and migration on human relationships. He currently works at ICU in order to complete his emergency physician training this year. After this he wants to go dead serious about the arts once and for all. His dream is to become the German Adriano Celentano. He lives in Berlin whith his wife and their children.

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Italian Fusion Festival short video competition

The Italian Fusion Festival – Short Video Competition 2022

“Corto | Italy and Ireland in a snapshot”.

The short video competition has been an integral part of the Italian Fusion Festival since its start.

The aim is to offer a spotlight to international filmmakers in Ireland wishing to showcase their works on our platforms.

Entry open to any short films made by Italian-Irish film productions (they must include at least one Italian and Irish cast / crew/ director / writer / composer / editor / producer). We accept both unreleased and previously released short movies.

Deadline: Friday 24th of June 2022 at 18PM.

Duration of short films: up to 10 minutes.

Submission: send an email to with a short bio and a description of the video. Your email should also include a YouTube /Vimeo or a WeTransfer link to your video(s).

The short films shortlisted by our jury will be screened during the Italian Fusion Festival live and on Facebook and YouTube

The winner will be announced during the event and will be awarded a voucher.

All the videos shortlisted by our jury will also be advertised and made permanently available to the wider public on different platforms, such as Italian Fusion Festival and Radio Dublino webpages and social networks. The competition is curated by Giuseppe Crupi.

Contact us for further information.

Corto. Italy and Ireland in a snapshot

The Italian Institute of Culture – Dublin hosts a selection of short films combining elements of Irish and Italian culture, presented during the latest edition of the Italian Fusion Festival, the biggest Italian Festival in Europe organised by Radio Dublino (the only Irish Radio programme in Italian).

This short film competition has been an integral part of the Italian Fusion Festival since its start, aiming to offer a spotlight to Dublin film-makers ready to showcase their works.The artists involved, mainly Italian and Irish, express a true artistic fusion of elements of both cultures.

A short discussion with a Q&A session and a refreshment will take place after the screenings.

The following short films will be screened:

  • My Red Hot Car by Max Boccalari
  • First Day by Alexandre Vetter
  • Here and Through by Luca Truffarelli
  • Dublin 2015 by Ivan Mazza
  • Clown by Chiara Viale
  • Bright Eyed in the Mornin by Maria Fiorentini
  • Abrasion by Sefora Castro
  • Amore in Translation – Tuttifrutti by John McNally
  • Cascao & Lady Maru “One Place” by Miro Mastropasqua
  • The Siege of Bóthar Anam by Marcus Maher

Free admission, booking recommended


  • Date: Monday, October 07, 2019
  • Time: From 6:30 pm To 8:30 pm
  • Organised by: IIC
  • Un collaboration with: Radio Dublino
  • Admission : Free

Short-Video Competition

Winner Short-Video Competition 2018

Short-video-competition-Italian-Fusion-Festival-2018My Red Hot Car by Max Boccalari is the winner of the Short-Video Competition at the Italian Fusion Festival.

Max Boccalari is a 360-degree multidisciplinary artist, his interests are in visual arts, design, sounds and music. Creativity and visions are his focal point of communications, indeed through his art, he communicates his visual experiences, his thoughts and his emotions to the public. Max was born Italian and is in Ireland from 11 years. Max is graduated in Media Arts at Dundalk Institute of Technology.

Realised by a multi-racial group (three from Nigeria, an Irish and an Italian) My Red Hot Car is an interpretation by Max and his classmate in DKIT of the song by Squarepusher. Final Assignment first year of Media Arts and Technologies.

Short-Video Competition 2018 Special Mentions

First Day by Alexandre Vetter (Dublin Filmmakers Collective)


Finalists at Short-Video Competition 2018

We are happy to announce the final list of videos of teh Short-Video Competition that will be shown during the festival.

  • A Christmas to Remember by Maria Fiorentini
  • First Day by Alexandre Vetter
  • My Red Hot Car by Max Boccalari
  • Ellie by Tim Laubscher
Short-Video Competition

Short Film Competition

The Italian Fusion Festival is happy to announce the Short Film Competition “Encounters-Incontri | Unexpected casual meetings of cultures”.

The short film competition is integral part of the Italian Fusion Festival. The aim is to offer a spotlight to film-makers in town ready to showcase their works.

The short movies will focus on the meeting of different cultures. The idea can be conveyed through a wide range ofstoryliness expressing the unexpected and casual nature that meetings of this type tend to have. The length of the short movies can be up to 10 minutes.

The registration period will be open from now to the 16th of June 2018.

The jury will select the finalists during the month of June and on the 8th July the spectators will be able to watch the short-movies during The Italian Fusion Festival in the Grand Social, Dublin.

The winner will be announced during the event and will be awarded with a plaque and a small cash prize.

The finalists’ works will be spread through different platforms, such as the webpage and the social networks.

How to Apply

Send and email to with a short bio and a description of the video. You can add the link of the video on youtube or you can send the video via we transfer. Deadline 16th of June 2018 at 12PM. Contact us for more info.

Visual Art Winner 2017

italian fusion festival Crew

Grazie and Arrivederci

​I wish to thank the audience for coming to the first edition of the Italian Fusion Festival! This first edition edition was very successful and was sold out.

For those who missed the event and would like to see it next year, following the great interested of this edition we are glad to announce that the festival will also come back in 2018!

We would like to thank the online ticket holders for filling the survey. All feedback will be taken into consideration to improve the event next year. Those who participated and would like to send their feedback, can also do so by e-mailing ​

For the next edition we are planning to book a bigger venue to accommodate a bigger audience, have more food stalls with italian food and drinks and workshops/ art exhibitions related to Italy.

​If you are an Italian musician/filmmaker/artist based in Ireland ​and you would like to partecipate to the next edition of the Italian fusion festival please contact us.

If you are business and are you interested in one of our sponsorship packages get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

If you wish to stay in touch and know when the early bird tickets are available, you can subscribe to the Radio Dublino newsletter where we’ll announce the next year’s festival edition or follow our facebook page.

We also wish to thank everyone who collaborated with us:

  • The six music bands Miss Phoenix and the Jaffa Cakes, SteamFolks, Infinitwirl, The HQs, The Ballad of Adam and Eve, Mongrel State
  • Pit Stop Krew Vespa Club Dublin
  • Journalists and websites that promoted our initiative
  • The sponsors Sacla, The 100 Club, Chilly Monkeys Card, SenzaMeta
  • The food stalls PastaBox and Sweet Sicily
  • The filmmakers who gave permission to show their videos
  • The Italian Institute of Culture of Dublin for promoting the event
  • The Grand Social staff and sound engineers

Last but not least,​ I huge thank you to​ the Radio Dublino volunteers for making this edition possible. This event was entirely organised with the efforts of committed volunteers who regularly volunteer the Radio Dublino community project​.

We look forward to seeing you next year​.​

Maurizio Pittau
Festival Director

Italian Fusion Festival 2017 Video Winner

Winner Short-Video Competition 2017

Here and Through by Luca Truffarelli is the winner (visual art section) of the first edition of the Italian Fusion Festival.

Luca Truffarelli is a freelance photographer and video maker based in Dublin. He graduated in photography in 2011 and started experimenting and challenging himself in the field of visual arts. Over the past few years he has been involved in contemporary dance and theatre works as a photographer/video maker, visual/set designer and artistic collaborator. Recently he has found a passion for food photography working alongside some of Dublin’s top chefs.

Here and Through is an installation and short video by Luca Truffarelli developed for Embodied, a GPO Witness History Public Art Commission. As part of this project, Truffarelli is documenting the site-specific series of dance pieces and is presenting his work alongside the performances in April at the GPO, and again at Project Arts Centre.

He invites the audience to experience the present as a personal journey via an interactive mixed-media installation. A short video piece will be shown as part of the work, representing the endless voyage of a soul through past, present and future.

Video: Luca Truffarelli

Voice: Oona Doherty

Soundtrack: Federico Ortica

Filmed in 8mm AGFA 200D

Special mention for Dublin 2015 by Ivan Mazza


Filmmakers at the Italian Fusion Festival

We are happy to announce the final list of videos made by Italian videomakers living in Ireland that will be shown during the festival.

  • Danse Morob Slideshow by Luca Truffarelli
  • Here And Through by Luca Truffarelli
  • According To This Resistance by Therese Dalton
  • Dublin by Concetto La Malfa
  • Dublin 2015 by Ivan Mazza
  • Liberties (Thumbs Up!) by Onofrio America
  • Italian Abroad by Giorgio Paoletti