Italian Fusion Festival 2020

Grazie e Arrivederci 2020

I wish to thank the audience for watching the fourth edition of the Italian Fusion Festival!

To decide to go ahead with the festival during the health crisis which struck 2020 was not easy, but we are happy about our decision to organise another edition of our festival in livestream. Those who watch the livestream  and would like to send their feedback can do so by e-mailing

If you are a musician/filmmaker/artist/ poet based in Ireland and you would like to participate to the next edition of the Italian fusion festival please contact us.

If you are business and are you interested in one of our sponsorship packages get in touch and we will be happy to assist you. Contact us also to become an Italian Fusion Festival volunteer next year.

If you wish to stay in touch and know when the early bird tickets are available and buy the ticket in advance, you can subscribe to the Radio Dublino newsletter where we’ll announce the next year’s festival edition or follow our facebook page and our other social media channels.

We also wish to thank everyone who collaborated with us:

  • The event partner Italian Institute of Culture – Dublin
  • The musicians Frank Francone, Iordanis Sidiropoulos,  Giulio “Julyo” D”agostino & Dario Rodighiero (lofi Jazz), Maja Elliott with Dylan Lynch, Suzanne Savage with Danny Forde
  • Roy Paci, Francesco Furlanich and Renata Sperandio for the partecipation
  • All filmmakers who applied for the short-video competition

Last but not least, I huge thank you to the team for making this edition possible: Giuseppe Crupi,  Silvana Benedetto, Alessandra Luppino, Valentina Settomini, Lorena Lampedecchia. This event was entirely organised with the efforts of committed volunteers who regularly volunteer the Radio Dublino community project.

Stay in touch with us (WebsiteRadio DublinoFacebookTwitterYouTube) and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Maurizio Pittau
Festival Director

Maurizio Pittau firma