Short Video Competition

Winner Short Video Competition 2022

A Decent Proposal by Cathal Feeney is the winner of the Short Video Competition at the Italian Fusion Festival 2022.

All videos are been projected on the 2nd of July during the Italian Fusion Festival. The winner was announced during the event and was awarded with a plaque and a small cash price.


Motivation: “‘A decent proposal’ encompasses the true spirit of the Italian Fusion Festival as it really represents a fusion of the Italian and the Irish culture with members of the cast and the crew coming from both countries. The cinematic language develops through the use of a wide range of different shoots creating the right pace for the physical acting that characterizes this work. The storyline unravels through the tale of two voices over and is truly delivered by the original score able to grasp the light and refreshing sense of the urban comedy of the video.”

Cathal Feeney started filmmaking when he joined the Dublin Filmmakers film club in Dublin in 2011. In the intervening period, he has worked on numerous short films in various roles, although mainly as a writer and director. The Interview was his first film followed by Oh. Oh was made as part of a 72-hour challenge at the Offline film festival in Offaly where it took first place. His filmmaking style would lean toward comedy.

Shame by Chiara Provenzano, with 51,88% of the votes, won the Audience Award