Vespa Exhibition at the Italian Fusion Festival

Pit Stop Krew Vespa Club DublinRadio Dublino is pleased to announce their partnership with the Pit Stop Krew Vespa Club Dublin. During the Italian Fusion Festival there will be an exhibition of vintage Vespas outside the venue. The iconic Italian design motorcycle will welcome music lovers in an authentic Italian atmosphere!

The Pitstop Krew Scooter Club goal is to ensure that everyone has fun. This club is made up of members from different backgrounds, race, ethnicity, gender, age, & various scooters. In their effort to keep our club in harmony and drama-free, they work together to create a great club.

Special thanks to the vespisti David Bagnall, Ken Higgins, Pearse McCormack, Terry Laughton and Mark Dowdall.

The Italian Fusion festival is becoming more and more exciting, not only for music lovers!

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