Winners Short Video Competition 2023

Winners Short Video Competition 2023

The Winner of the Sixth Edition of the Italian Fusion Festival – Short Video Competition is Served by Renee Walker.

Motivation: Served is a darkly delicious masterpiece that echoes Italian stereotypes and cunningly challenges gender roles and expectations. With vivid colours, clever use of camera shots and angles, a twisted plot, and a play on words, “Served” serves up a thrilling narrative that makes this a gem of storytelling.

The short video also won the Audience Award after a hard-fought week against the short video “A Drinking Pub With A Music Problem” by Claire Issartel. The main actress of “Served”, Maria Monteleone, accepted the awards.

“Renvyle by the Sea” by Jan Sysley and Silvana Benedetto won the Jury Award.

Motivation: “Renvyle by the Sea” is an enchanting portrayal of life in the remote West of Ireland which comes alive in the form of a poetic documentary, with its breathtaking ocean landscapes, authentic tales of perilous fishing, traditional melodies, and the pure and authentic voice of the locals. A harmonious blend of art and reality, it’s a profound ode to an extraordinary way of life.

Silvana Benedetto accepted the award.