IIF Video Finalists

Short Video Competition 2019 Finalists

We are happy to present the finalists of the Short Video Competition 2019. All video will be projected on the 13th July during the Italian Fusion Festival. The winner will be announced during the event and will be awarded with a plaque and a small cash price.

Abrasion by Sefora Castro

Sefora Castro is a versatile artist, at 360 °. She began studying ballet dance and theatre at the age of five; at 18 she attends a professional Academy to become a complete performer in Milan, MTS – Musical the School, graduating in 2002. So she becomes a professional dancer, studying for years also modern dance, tip- tap, contemporary with great world-famous masters, and performing in the most renowned Italian theatres. In addition to dance, she also works in theatre as an actress for various companies; she works for the TV and the big screen too. After a 25-year career, in 2017 she moved to Dublin, where began working immediately as an actress: in two years she worked on more than 50 jobs such as adverts, music videos, short films, promos, etc.

Clown by Chiara Viale

Chiara Viale is an Italian born writer, director and producer based in Ireland. After obtaining a degree in English as a Foreign Language and Literature in Milan, I went on studying screenwriting in Dublin and I began making independent films. Since then she has written, directed and taken part numerous short films. In 2017 she started her first Independent Feature Film ‘The New Music’, which has reached completion in 2019. She also co-founder of the Dublin based independent production company Built To Fail Productions.

The Siege of Bóthar Anam by Marcus Maher

Marcus started out as a screenwriter, commissioned screenplays included the life of Simon Bolivar and Fredrico Garcia Lorca. In 2007 Marcus’ play Las Casas was performed at the prestigious Canning House in London, also his play Walton Lock was performed in Dublin. During this time Marcus’ passion for sport has seen him contribute and appeared on Team 33/Newstalk in Football/Cycling and Triathlon. In 2017 Marcus set out to complete a trilogy of Irish short films called ‘Cumann’ (Society) which reflect modern Ireland, his first short ‘The Siege of Bothar Anam’ which is set around the housing crisis won the special commendation at the x1 London Short Film Festival, Best Film at the Bedford International Film Festival in the US and the European Film Festival in Barcelona. His 2nd film -The Gallows Tree’ is currently in pre-production.

Bright Eyed in the Mornin by Maria Fiorentini

Maria Fiorentini, is an Italian director, actor and editor based in Dublin. She trained in Italy and Ireland in camera and stage acting. Since 2012, Maria has been involved in several short films selected in film festival in Ireland and world-wide. In “Container” directed by Baz David, she played a young immigrant mother on the streets of Dublin. In August 2015 she was awarded Best Actress at the Pav Reel film festival for her performance in that role.

Amore in Translation  – Tuttifrutti by John McNally

Amore in Translation is web series produced by Joseph Morris, a writer director, a role where he leverages his passion for filmmaking and his extensive experience to further develop Amore in Translation. Joseph is truly versatile in the filmmaking spectrum from concept to storytelling and more recently video production and effects. He has directed on a range of award winning short film, most recently winning best short film at the Elevation indie Film Awards for Stuck home Syndrome.

Cascao & Lady Maru “One Place” by Miro Mastropasqua

Mirko Miro Mastropasqua is Miroimages. After his BA in literature sciences in Rome he starts to work for Xenon, a Berlin local TV creating short films and reportage shown in the Berlin regional broadcasting. He changes afterwards as video producer for MTV Networks. After producing and directing some music videos for  the Berliner and Roman music scene he produces and directs many shorts, supported by different film festivals and institutions around the world such as Nisi Masa (FR),  Generation Campus (RU), Black International Cinema (USA/DE), Molodist Talent LAB (UA), Longocampo Dox (RO), The Dresden Visegrad Forum (DE), Mediterranean Film Institute (GR), Reykjavík Talent LAB (IS) and many others. He is currently developing his first feature film supported by the Mediterranean Film Institute and Riga Script Meeting within an MA at the National Film School of Ireland.

Out of Competition

  • The wilderness within by Luca Trufarellli
  • The first was a boy by Shaun Dunne

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