Short-Video Competition

Winner Short-video Competition 2020

Cockles & Mussels by Bruno Barone is the winner of the Short-Video Competition at the Italian Fusion Festival.

Bruno Barone is an actor, director and playwright from Italy. He was born in Naples in 1979. After taking his degree in Management Engineering at Federico II University of Naples, he graduated from Tasso Musical Academy in Sorrento. After that he moved to Milan where he could improve his acting with master Claudio Orlandini and with the French pedagogue Jean Paul Denizon. Meanwhile he continued his studies in singing following the EVT Voicecraft method, with Loretta Martinez, then becoming a certified teacher.

His work has been mainly focused on prose and Musical (“Amalfi Musical”, “70 times 7”: best unreleased musical in Italy 2016), leading him to perform in important theatres such as ‘Mercadante’ and ‘Augusteo’ (Naples), ‘Teatro Nuovo’ (Milan) and in important contests as the ‘Milan Gospel Festival’.
He also worked with the Canadian travelling company “Caravan Stage Company”, being part of an international cast during the “Command Performance” tour.

As author and director in theatre he participated in the “Napoli Teatro Festival Italia 2015” with the show “P.I.A. – the Principle of Uncertainty of a Soul” , selected in the competition “Inventaria 2017” and winner in the competition “Corti della Formica 2017” with the pièce “Acqua Sporca”, author and director for the show “Protocollo XY”

He finally approached for the first time to the video production field during the international contest ‘Kino Kabaret’. He founded the ‘BRAVEMAN productions’ company, producing many short films including “The Spell”, “Never Forget” and “Cockles and Mussels”, premiere at “Milano Film Festival 2016” (out of competition) and selected for ICFF 2017 CANADA.


“Cockles and mussels depicts the healing and uplifting power of the true soul of Dublin represented by one of its most iconic characters. Far from the aesthetics of the international business European capital, the town is presented in its alleys where a marginalized member of society feels embraced by the city. This encounter between two women so different and yet so close will give to the protagonist the hope and strength to move forward. The narrative moves away from the most popular image of Dublin as a land of career opportunities and stays true to the most authentic character of the town down-to-earth, non assuming, welcoming and wise.”

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