Authentic Italian pizza at the festival

Deep-pan and soft, thin and crunchy, classic or gourmet, with or without a stuffed crust… however it comes, pizza is a true Italian institution and a symbol of the country the world over.

Italians eat pizza on Saturday or Sunday evenings, after doing sports or watching a game with friends, to celebrate birthdays when as a child – in short, pizza is an integral part of life in Italy from the cradle to the grave and it’s part of the 2022 edition of the Italian Fusion Festival.

A woodfire pizza van will welcome you outside the concert venue to keep you going during this exciting evening of music! With an extra 10€ you can have an Italian automatic pizza with 2 toppings. Delight your hearing and your taste with the special festival entry+pizza ticket to make the most from this experience!

A Limited Standard Ticket + Pizza will be available until the 27 the June 2022 or until sold out.